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Friday, 1 January 2010

No.3 Possible page one text

I am part of a loose collective who make a diary each year, called Wor Diary, which is dedicated to remembering rebellious men and women, protests and riots and fights done by the ordinary folk (folk like us), who don't usually feature on the official record. The people, in fact, whose names are forgotten, whose voices are silenced and whose ideas of a different, better future, are denied.

Each year about fifty people take part in drawing the pages and making Wor Diary, we print a few hundred copies and then sell it around Tyneside for cost price. It's a fundamentally amateur project, with no big marketing or famous names being splashed about. There's a reason for this, connected to the idea that real history is not handed down by a few famous characters - the story of the 'official' history books. Rather, history is created day-by-day in every nook & cranny of the world, in the most diverse way possible, and it is THIS world of struggle & sociability that we want to celebrate in Wor Diary. The neighbours helping each other out, the people saying 'no' to abuse, to control and to selling-out.

There are some other reasons why this project needs a few disclaimers.

Unlike Marxism, anarchism does not have an originator or a primary theorist, and unlike a movement such as Chartism, anarchism is still alive and still relevant to people's struggles today. The place to find it is amongst the people trying to live free, to increase theirs & others' freedom, to reduce oppression, remove injustice in their own way. So there's no point going searching for the person who 'invented' anarchism, and it is against anarchist principles to say that one person is more important than any other. We're all in it together.

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  1. blekh! will redo when I'm awake enough to read my bus-journey writing properly!