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Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Northern Spring Begun

I was going to do a full post with all images and things I've drawn and everything, but my camera won't talk to the internet so instead, here in brief is where I am going to be doing the anarchist pilgrimage thing this Spring :

Sheffield, Thursday-Saturday 15th of this week. I moved from being an official part of the Sheffield zine fest to being a probable official part, but now I'm back to unofficial. But I have been doing my research in the archives there and will be producing a zine and display to feedback at the zine fair. I will also be giving away the first chapter of the anarchist pilgrimage zine, in a low-key fashion.
Sheffield Zine Fest

Leeds, Sunday 16th. Second part of the Yorkshire Zine Weekender, I'll be there with a collective of zine-makers and continuing what I began in Sheffield.
Leeds Zine Fair

Dumfries, 9th April. I hope to walk there over the hills, using the bothies. Details tbc!
Dumfries Anarchist Symposium

Huddersfield, June 8th-9th.
Unofficial Histories Conference

Others tbc and more details to come.
This blog's been quiet for a while but it's about to rush back into a busy life for the spring!
And, I promise, images to come!

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