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Saturday, 19 June 2010

Mp3 player to buy

I don't like or own any mobile phone. For a few brief weeks I used one when I lived in London, and was staying in different beds each night, but I was happy the day I realised I'd lost it.

However, I thought for arranging things in Russia/Siberia it might come in handy. Plus texts from friends might make me feel less lonely, and also I figure I should have something to give away if I'm mugged/robbed. There's no point having nothing nickable if they then decide 'it'd better be your passport then'.

I will take my digital camera, I think. And also I've decided today that getting a v.small mp3 player would be good for the neverending journeys & snoring carriage-mates. It's also another thing to accept being stolen/exchanged/used as a bribe-in-need. As I've not had one before, I shouldn't mind it once it's gone.

And the bonus thing about it is it lets me spend hours choosing favourite tracks to evoke old times/ to go well with train journeys/ to represent and remind me of different sides of my life. And it doesn't depend upon radio reception or mobile phone reception like a phone would. And it will leave me with my awareness/interaction with my surroundings intact, unlike a mobile which creates a self-centred blockage.

One problem is that I have no money at the moment. I'm £1000 into my £1200 overdraft with £200 to pay for my next zine printing. So I need to arrange a meeting with the bank to get a credit card and/or loan. And in the meantime I'm trying to save money on some things in order to pay for the things I want to (like the £40 worth of books about russia/siberia/anarchism I've sent off for today).

Making my scrapbook & reading the NME today - listening to the highlighted bands - was enjoyable, and kind've informs my decision.

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