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Saturday, 26 June 2010

Trying to look like Kropotkin

With my head blatted by the attempt to work out visas and how to only be in Russia for the 30 day maximum, I decide I am starting to look like Kropotkin.

Did HE have to get a HIV test before he could escape the country?
I mean Bakunin, yes, he'd have to. But Kropotkin?

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  1. I've been unfair to Bakunin. According to George Woodcock, I read today, "All his appetites - with the sole exception of the sexual - were enormous; he talked th enights through, he read omnivorously, he drank brandy like wine, he smoked 1,600 cigars in a single month of imprisonment in Saxony, and he ate so voraciously that a sympathetic Austrian jail commandant felt moved to allot him double rations."