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Friday, 30 July 2010

Lyons ( or Lyon as the French insist on calling it )

Third city of France; not much evidence of the old poor textile workers' town.

I'm really rather pleased with this, my first attempt at drawing over photocopied text.
Here the text is from Bakunin's 'God and the State', which he wrote in some disillusion after helping people in Lyons stage an insurrection in 1870. When everyone else ran away, Bakunin got locked up in the basement of this very building, the Hotel de Ville. Luckily the anarchists came back and rescued him ( and the Commune in Paris took place the next year ).

Unlike in Paris & London, this feels like a real, powerfully real location for the first time, and has got me reading his words again with a sense of power.

From my notepad.

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