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Friday, 30 July 2010


Marian looking as cool as is possible in plastic specs, waiting for me to draw the column.

I saw a cafe terminus by Gare de Lyons, but I don't imagine it was the same as the one Emile Henry ( or was it Vaillant? ) attacked. We walked around the Latin Quarter, but couldn't really connect it to '68 etc...

I don't know where exactly Bakunin met Proudhon or Proudhon met Marx, and the events of the commune and so on are quite dispersed. No really symbolic location leapt out at me.

So I drew a not terribly impressive picture of the Vendome Column which Courbet and pals pulled down. It's back up, sadly, and just as hideous, and made worse by the super-posh (really, as posh as posh gets, positively evil) boutiques surrounding it. With hindsight we should have found a current, existing social centre or anarchist venue.

This is Marian leaving at Gare Bercy for Milan.

And from the next morning of me leaving - from a shittily noisy hostel at Gare de Lyon.

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