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Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Section Plans

My return to Newcastle and people and more immediate life things meant I didn't get started on the write-up of the anarchist pilgrimage. And now in the break between Christmas and the New Year I'm idly thinking of returning to some of the places I visited to fill in some gaps - the Kropotkin volcano, Bakunin's family estate, black petrograd etc.. But money means that's pretty unlikely.

I have divided the journey write-up into smaller and more manageable sections, and in January I will start with the first of these sections: probably the Poland/Belarus journey and then Germany. So not in order as such, but in an order of manageability.
(One reason I haven't got the zine underway yet is because I built it up into being too big a thing, and I always shy away from big undertakings.)

The sections are (probably):

UK: Newcastle-London

France: Paris-Lyon

Switzerland (big section)

Germany: Dresden-Berlin: 8 pages, half = cartoon of young Bakunin

Belarus-Poland journey: 8 pages

St Petersburg 1

Journey across Russia: Kazan, Ekaterinburg, Decembrist journeys & other map-based intros to anarchist(ish) Russia.

Lake Baikal






St Petersburg departure

Finland & exile

Stockholm & Copenhagen


Newcastle return & reflections

Each of these sections will be printed separately and bound, possibly by sowing, in such a way that they attach to each other as collections of pages rather than altogether. So I not only have extra reading about Bakunin & Kropotkin's life to do, but also a proper gen up on bookbinding.

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  1. Hey Mike - people always shy away from big undertakings, it's completely natural to do so. You might be able to get some info on bookbinding from the lit and Phil? Best of luck!