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Thursday, 6 January 2011

A chapter per fortnight (more section planning)

A new year and time to get cracking.

Rather than see the whole thing as a major undertaking to avoid avoid, I am trying to split it into little chapters which individually are smaller than the average zine (which when I'm not employed, as now, I usually find very easy to do). So I will attempt the easiest of these chapters next week, followed by the next easiest etc...

(amongst the details & dilemmas which follow, if I put P1 that means that bulletpoint is one planned page, P2 two pages etc.. & I have to warn the curious reader that this isn't going to be an interesting post for you, just for me!)

One decision I have made is that each page is going to be A5 landscape.

Chapters 1 & 2 Newcastle to London
- I only have one physical notebook page left from this part of the journey, so it's all to be redone from photos & pre-research.
- I would like to use my old 'wor diary' & 'secret anarchist history' research to add Newcastle links to the political tradition pursued on the journey (eg. Kropotkin's visits to Newcastle, weapons smuggled to the Bolsheviks etc..) but I think I will do this last.
P1 - Notebook page of train down to London plus photo & commentary on fellow passengers
P1 - Toothpaste & diary notes of hosts
Freedom Bookshop - historical intro / murals of Proudhon, Bakunin & Kropotkin / Mutual Aid & bothy zine on the shelves
P2 - The man reading Kropotkin (sketch+photo)
P1 - notebook of St Pancras then over the border

Chapters 3 & 4 Paris to Lyon
- Might revisit to get a fuller experience of some locations : most is currently just notes from books
P1 - French Revolution development of anarchist themes by enrages etc.. (need locations)
- Paris as 19th century revolutionary centre of Europe - Blanqui & other traditions
- Visits & Meetings of Herzen, Bakunin, Marx etc..
- 1848+ attempts and recuperation (Louis Napoleon)
- Proudhon : Besancon beginnings; role in 1848; development of ideas (eg. federalism vs electoralism); development of Proudhonian movement; links to Lyons; funeral
P1 - Montmartre cannon episode by Louise Michel
P1 - Vendome Column badsketch & story of pulling it down & photos of being there
- 1871 Commune bloodshed/meaning to Kropotkin/Marx, and link to Emile Henry & terrorists
- Camus & French Resistance quotelinks
- COLOUR Hotel de Ville photo & explain how the pictured notebooks got lost
- diary 'is that H de V; no that is' & story of Bakunin's imprisonment & escape
- COLOUR flyposters & stencils in streets, + social centre
- plaque & history of 'live fighting or die fighting'
- links to early anarchist internationals
- assassination of president tale
- Kropotkin's imprisonment tale, & reading the Chronicle in prison

Chapters 5 & 6 Switzerland
(still to plan)

Chapter 7 Dresden to Berlin [8 or 10 pages]
P1 - 1 Train mistake & early arrival
P1 - 2 YoungBakunin cartoon linked from Paris to Prague
P1 - 3 YoungBakunin cartoon Dresden
P1 - 4 YoungBakunin cartoon Dresden
P1 - 5 YoungBakunin cartoon prisons
p1 - 6 Tower pic & disappointing experience
p1 - 7 Berlin diary
p1 - 8 Street stickers
p2 -9+10 1848 history notes

Chapter 8 Berlin to St Petersburg journey [8 pages]
P1 - 1 diary 4th August
P1 - 2 photo & text - excited start to real journey
P1 - 3 diary about coffee
P1 - 4 Reading war & peace & hiding subversive literature
P1 - 5 COLOUR workmen on station photo
P1 - 6 COLOUR station photo & Belarus info
P1 - 7 diary of realisation alone
P1 - 8 wooden houses photo & Belarus info

Chapter 9 Arrival into St Petersburg
P1 - 1 place of St.P in anarchist history
P1 - 2 diary of 1st day wanderings
P1 - 3 Peter & Paul fortress
P1 - 4 Diary of day 2 including Peter & Paul sketches
P1 - 5 Mosquito cartoon (+arrests & letter)
P1 - 6 Hermitage (winter palace) cartoon
P1 - 7 Hermitage cartoon
P1 - 8 Train & adventure getting out
Also probably :
- more on Decembrists' attempt & execution/exile
- more on Nihilists, P1 communal shop & styles; P1 raids & assassinations
- more on Kropotkin's young life pre-Siberia
- P1 Nevsky Prospekt, memoir accounts & the horseback propagandist story
- Kazansky Cathedral photo with story

Chapter 10 Travelling East, to Kazan
Map of Siberia with Maria Volkonsky comments on places next to mine
Map of gulags
History of Russian expansion/exploitation/destruction of tribes/rivals
Cossacks - Yermak, Bakunin, Tolstoy versions
Train pictures (Isy, Sergei, etc..)
Train & Kazan diary/photos

Chapter 11 Ekaterinburg

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