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Thursday, 12 August 2010

Bored in Yekaterinburg

One consequence of working out my own tickets has been a 36 hour stopover in this big and, to me, pretty boring city. I've wandered round, read lots of War & Peace (two thirds of the way through, and it isn't getting any better), and briefly gawped at all the statues. My hotel room was plush with a huge view, but I didn't sleep cos of drinking too much coffee. I've also been drinking lots of irn bru - it's amazing how big irn bru is here, and frankly quite odd to see Russian squaddies drinking it.

I've done very little (actually none) writing or drawing here. Too hot. I did find anarchist graffiti at the university, but all I've done is wandered and read.

So again, some odd photos will go up in this post eventually, but for now it's just a post to say I'm here, and I'm leaving here on a 3 day train journey across Siberia, in about 6 hours time.

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  1. Now 3 quarters thru war & peace. an hour till the train comes...