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Tuesday, 3 August 2010


I've skipped Prague, where legend has it that Bakunin started a 5-day battle between Czech workers & students on the one hand, and the Austrian army on the other, by firing a shot at the Austrians from his hotel window (it's unlikely to be a true story, but he certainly joined in on the barricades). I now regret this decision, as Dresden is rainy and disappointing and I might go early to Berlin to get that part of the journey over with, thus spending even more money.

The story of Dresden involves Bakunin, who just happened to be in the area, being invited by Richard Wagner (who else?) to join in their fight to make the king accept a constitution. The king sent the Prussian troops in, Bakunin and Wagner joined in the defence of the city, hundreds died and in the end, while Wagner escaped scot-free, Bakunin paid the consequences big-time.

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