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Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Fanzine pages - plan.

Although it might not appear it from the random tales and photos I've been sticking up here, the main aim of this blog is to help me make a fanzine about the travels taken by Bakunin and Kropotkin. In this post I'm just going to list what I imagine the pages might be - most of these are not yet written/drawn as such, but I do have the information available for them, and usually I have a location drawn. The order and so on still needs to be worked on, and some will most certainly be dropped.


St Petersburg (arrival)
Peter Paul fortress 1 = Bakunin's internment/intro to his midlife imprisonment
Peter Paul fortress 2 = Nechaev & Nihilists' correspondence/continuity
Nevsky Prospekt
Semyonov Square = Decembrists
Winter Palace 1 = Nihilist bomb attempts on the Tsar
Winter Palace 2 = 1905 Bloody Sunday and other convergences on it
Lady of Kazan Square & Remand Prison link to Semyonov Square = Nihilist hunger strike
Kamenny Bridge/Catherine Quay = assassination of Tsar

Nihilist anecdotes

Yekaterinburg (Urals/Crossing W.Siberia)
Western Siberia map 1 revolts/anarchist manifestations
Western Siberia map 2 recent anarchist groups and statements
Volkonsky crossing Siberia paired with my crossing Siberia
Gulag map annotated with anarchist uprisings/statements

Lake Baikal
Polish Revolt = Kropotkin's account
Siberian anarchist fighters in 1920s

Mongolia/border crossings
Kropotkin crossing the border/travails

Kropotkin's first job
Bakunin's escape by ship
Amur and the Far East = things not explored

Explorer = Kropotkin's volcano
Polish church = Polish revolt
Icebreaker = Newcastle link

Bakunin's home = as a young man
Kropotkin's home = as a young man
1918 The 'House of Anarchy'
Anarchist newspapers & repression by Trotsky
1980s+ anarchist groups reappearing

St Petersburg (departure)
Vyborg/Finlandia Station = anarchist district/Kropotkin's return
Shlisselburg Fortress = Bakunin imprisonment plus anarchists taking the explosives from it
Kronstadt = 1917 and the Kronstadt Uprising (2 pages)
Kropotkin funeral
Quayside & Bookshop location = Lenin's expulsion of intelligentsia on 'the philosophy steamer'

Also: Railway double spread (revolutionary history/conditions/civil war)
Also: mindmap links between St.Petersburg/Siberia/Paris/New York etc... eg. with Voline, Mikhailov, Schapiro, Karelin.
Also: account of returns from Siberia, of Decembrist children?

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