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Monday, 20 September 2010

Irkutsk Punk Rock

I was met off the train by Zach from the Baikal camp, which was lovely.
I was wearing my anarchy t-shirt, which I bought from a kiosk at chita station for two pound fifty. It meant I could not stink for a leg of the journey and also adds a cartoon realism to my travels.

We got on a tram up the hill, and a lad in front of me had drawn the anarchy circled A on his knapsack. He'd also written 'pank's not dead' on it. So missing our stop by 2, I made Zach ask him in russian if there was any punk rock gigs in Irkutsk. He had an interesting face, looked american indian or perhaps japanese, so i wondered if he was from one of the older native tribes near-wiped-out by the cossacks and vodka.

He took us to a downstairs basement bar to ask his mate behind the counter. This lad then phoned around, asking for underground and punk rock gigs. Apparently there's something on the 24th, but my ticket out of here is for the 22nd. I'm tempted to delay it, if this gig indeed does exist.

Anyway, thanks random people, and respect for wearing the circled A in country where that's enough to get you knifed. The chinese market here has seen a spate of arson recently - the latest perceived 'invaders' to target for intimidation. The telly's not sure if it's a mafia/protection racket thing or a clear-cut racist thing, but the gangs doing it are organised enough to have lookouts to send anyone with a camera packing when it happens.

And I'm proud to be a 34 year old wearing the kind of t-shirt i would have thought naff already at 14.


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