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Sunday, 26 September 2010

Kropotkin's missing grave and unknown woods

I tried to find where Kropotkin was buried, walked along the route of the funeral procession, arrived at the Novodevichy cemetery where my book and wikipedia agree he was buried.

Apparently Emma Goldman spoke at the graveside, so there must have been a grave.

And flowers were left at the tomb, so there must have been a tomb.

But saying 'Kropotkin' to the attendants and scanning the list of graves did not reveal anything. It may be in part due to the speech implediment I have in Russia but not really at home. I cannot quite say my 'R's and certainly can't role them. In English it's enough to suggest one but in Russia they get confused. Also the books may be wrong, who knows?

Here are some pictures of the funeral, and note what it IS that Emma Goldman says at the grave.

Just after the Kropotkin metro stop, I accidentally came across something that got me quite emotional first thing in the morning. A genuine memorial to dead anarchists, but from this decade, not that. See the previous post.

I also tried and may or may not have succeeded in finding some of the woods where anarchists and SRs argued back in the day (before both groups were rounded up and killed).

I have a circled A for each city but Kazan that I've been through.

But only this city so far has a city centre Metro station named for Kropotkin.

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