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Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Ilya Borodenko

I've just been looking around the web and have re-realised how close to here the following lethal attempt was, in 2007. An anti-nuclear camp was attacked by armed fascists while people slept. Ilya Borodenko died from his injuries.

Irkutsk anti-fascist demo last year.

7 anarchists imprisoned in Belarus this month.

And from 2008, from Madrid:


Olga Rukosyla was assassinated last October 8th in Irkutsk (Siberia). Two days after Feodor Filatov was killed in Moscow, and thus up to 71 fascist murders have happened along this year in Russia.

Other 268 people were seriously wounded in these brutal attacks, but the Russian authorities do not have any intention to stop these killers and to make them pay their crimes.

Olga was a child. She was 16 years old. Two weeks ago she lost her life because 3 neo-nazis decided to brutally beat her, to what she couldn't be recovered. Feodor was 27 and was stubbed with a knife the 10th of October by 4 neo-nazis who were waiting outside the door of his house to kill him by 7:30 in the morning.

Next November 11th it will be a year from the murder of Carlos Javier Palomino by a neo-nazi soldier. Us, his friends and comrades remember him and support the Russian comrades and their families.

We know they will be going through tough moments, but we want to show them our support and our force so the fight against racism and fascism doesn't decay.


Audio for Siberian punk is available here.

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  1. Mike, Olga Rukosyla is a fiction. She have never been existed and she had never died.