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Saturday, 25 September 2010

Moscow, after Siberia.

Early morning in Moscow (Kazanskaya station), the light just beginning to appear in the sky.
I will try to write about terrorism and uprisings today, but my mind is on love. Sometimes pursuing a thought-out project goes against what your heart's fixed on that day.

In 20 minutes I will head for the Kropotkin metro stop, and follow the route of his funeral in 1921, when thousands held up the flags of anarchism for one last time. I doubt I'll successfully find his grave/tomb/plaque, but I will then go up onto Sparrow Hills (much talked about in Tolstoy), where anarchists would argue with social revolutionaries (SRs) about parliamentarism and organisation. Before both the anarchists and the SRS were liquidated, that is.

The trigger for their extermination was the bombing of communist party headquarters on Leontiev street, so that is another location to try and find. Also various prisons (Taganka, Butyrki) and a couple more monasteries would be great too (Donskoi, occupied by armed anarchists from 1917; and the Nihilist-linked Monastery of the Trinity and St Sergius, a trip out of town).

But I'm realistic, and I don't promise to reach everywhere. The biggest prize would be the family homes of Bakunin and Kropotkin, and Kropotkin's last home too, but they're all outside Moscow so I'll see how I go with my transport options.

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