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Thursday, 2 September 2010

Ulan Ude as a base.

The words on the hill are in Cyrillic, en route to the Datsan, see if you can tell what they say.

The words on the Buddhist temple honour 'green tara'. Yes, the goddess is worshipped only in Buryatia.

The cyclists are a bunch of Germans, American, Polish etc.. we met by Lenin's disembodied head, calling themselves '2wheel4change' and cycling from Ulan Ude to Mongolia. Bunch of hippies - we met them a day before they were due to go to the Lake, after they did a juggling performance in the street. Next day they were still there in the square, still planning to do their performance. Next day they were there again. Good luck to them and all their bike grease.

The dog is blind, and called variously 'mole' or 'blindie' (in Russian). He has a real thing for chewing feet, arms, shoes etc.., and along with the 2 hostel cats has made this hostel a lovely place to be based.

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